Jindřich Vacek

Jindřich Vacek’s (b.1955) alma mater is the Charles University in Prague. He taught Czech at Bucharest University for 12 years and has been a long-time editor at Argo Publishing House. A prolific translator from several languages, he has received the important Josef Jungmann Award for his translation from Yiddish. In addition, he has published the memoir All My Wanderings (2021). Captured By the Tempest Master is his fiction debut.

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Captured by the Tempest Master

December 2021, 216 pages

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Adventures in the rich world of Indigenous life and mythology

When Bernard and his friends are shipwrecked, ending up on the coast of British Columbia, they find the body of a man from the Kwakiutl Indigenous people. Immediately accused of murder, they must solve the case to save themselves. Scenes from Indigenous mythology, which hold the key to the crime, are carved into the house’s pillars where the White captives are being held, yet they do not take notice. Instead, they keep wandering in a sort of labyrinth, where nothing is as it seems… Apart from the intriguing story, the author’s deep knowledge of Indigenous life and his erudite afterword explaining the relevant period in North American history makes for a multi-layered narration.

“Remarkable knowledge of Native American realities accompanied with an insightful afterword. A great informative read for young adults.”

– kosmas