Tereza Cz Dvořáková et al.

Tereza Cz Dvořáková (b. 1977) graduated from the Film Academy in Prague, she is also a film educator. Argo has published her successful books How Cinema Was Born (2017) and How a Film is Made (2019).


Television Then and Now

November 2020, 80 pages

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An adventurous trip beyond the TV screen for early and advanced readers alike

Tereza Cz Dvořáková, Lucie Záhorová, René Melkus, Vladimír Bradáč, Nikkarin (ill.)

Everybody knows what a television is. Many people have one at home and watch it daily. You know what a TV looks like and what it shows. But do you know when it was invented – and how it works? What programs it used to show in the past, compared to what it shows today? What it meant to your parents and grandparents, and how it influences our everyday lives? And does it have a future at all, in the age of the internet?

Intended for all curious children 8 and older, as well as adults – parents, teachers, after-school club leaders – Television Then and Now follows in the footsteps of two earlier books: How Cinema Was Born (Argo, 2017) and How a Film Is Made (Argo, 2017). Like the previous volumes, it includes a section called “Experiments”, which is full of inspiration for at-home investigations of TV technology.