Robert Fulghum

Robert Fulghum (b. 1937) grew up in Waco, Texas. In his youth, he worked as a ditch-digger, newspaper carrier, ranch hand, and singing cowboy. After college and a brief career with IBM, he returned to graduate school to complete a degree in theology. For 22 years he served as a Unitarian parish minister in the Pacific Northwest. During the same period, he taught drawing, painting, art history, and philosophy at the Lakeside School in Seattle. More than 17 million copies of his books are in print, in 31 languages, in 103 countries. All rose to the top of the New York Times best-seller list. Robert Fulghum has published numerous books: All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten, It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It, Uh-Oh, Maybe (Maybe Not), From Beginning To End – The Rituals of Our Lives, True Love, Words I Wish I Wrote, What On Earth Have I Done, Hold Me Fast, Love Me Slow, A Memoir of an Adventure, Crisis in the Cheese Aisle, The Mender of Destinies.


Crisis in the Cheese Aisle

June 2016, 160 pages

Available material: English original

Despite the hundreds of stories he’s written in his life, the author doesn’t lose his sense of humour and his positive outlook on the world.

Robert Fulghum is ever older and wiser, but his sense of humour hasn’t left him in the slightest. He’ll strengthen your convictions that every day is full of miracles that can be seen only if you go on your way through the world with open eyes and an open heart. In addition, you’ll learn plenty you didn’t know about magpies, the history of Santa Fe, ceramics and physical processes. Have you ever felt the urge to sneeze just when you’ve been eating pasta over the sink and washing it down with juice out of a carton? Do you believe that a fat man with an elephant’s head can perform miracles? Are you someone who gets into conversations with strangers and creates an adventure out of a trip to the shops? If so, Robert Fulghum invites you onto his ark. And have you ever danced with an orangutan? Crisis in the Cheese Aisle is a sweet, lightly humorous and touching assortment of aphorisms about life and observations about the workings of the world. One will entertain you, the next will give you pause for thought, and perhaps all will caress the reader’s soul.

“‘I write about ordinary and sometimes serious matters with a light heart and a humorous perspective. I don’t wish to advise, let alone preach, I just want to enchant and bring pleasure to my readers,‘ says the popular writer.”

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“Argo is like a family to me, they’re my good friends. If you ask me which editors I’m friendly with in New York, I won’t tell you a single one.”

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Sample from the English original

“It’s mid-December in the City Market in Moab, Utah. A small boy – in the five-year-old bracket – pitched a full-blown hissy-fit in the cheese section of the store. He did not want cheese – he wanted candy canes – NOW! His mother ignored him. So he played an ace. Came unglued – screamed, and fell on the floor kicking his legs. The cheese shoppers retreated. The kid ratcheted up the volume of his screams. Having once-upon-a-time been both the parent and the child in one of these grocery store melodramas, I knew this could get ugly. I felt like warning the kid: “Watch out, kid, you’re about to get whomped. ”His mother turned. She stood softly still, looking down at him. Here it comes, kid,” I thought, “You are dead meat.“ The mother kneeled down to the kid’s level. The kid went ballistic, bawling and kicking and flailing about. In silence, the mom reached out, locked her hands on the kids’ arms with a firm grip a mature lobster would have admired. Slowly… she lifted the little monster up off the floor.”

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