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The Mender of Destinies

September 2017, 230 pages

Available material: English original

Despite the hundreds of stories he’s written in his life, the author doesn’t lose his sense of humour and his positive outlook on the world.

Chief protagonist George Novak comes to Prague to seek out his Czech roots, but eventually discovers that he is actually looking for meaning to his own life. Finding yourself and a mission in life is the key motif of this book. George’s efforts are helped along most of all by fresh meetings with the rather mysterious young Luci Milena, who presents him with a totally unexpected offer. Again the author proves that he really does understand the Czech temperament. He describes the atmosphere of Prague family pubs, a place made especially for conversations, questions and answers, where more than a few intrigues are resolved.  The Mender of Destinies is a literary work on the interface of the novel, the short story, philosophical meditations and ideas that we can read in particular between the lines. It deals with transformation and rebirth, a man‘s reconciliation with himself and how our actions, or indeed our small gestures, can influence and perhaps even mend the fates of others.

“’The author has succeeded in linking up several motifs that hold together as the story entices the reader into eagerly turning each new page. This novel challenges you to get to know yourself and to become aware of the appeal of the people among whom we live.”


“I don’t think I am a great writer, but I do write about great things. I have ventured to speak about things that happen routinely but that nobody boasts about. That is where my strength lies. I am first to speak out loud about some things.”

Robert Fulghum