by Zdeněk Ležák (text) and Michal Kocián (illustrations)

Rights sold to: Austria (Bahoe)

May 2021 | 136 pages

Seven Czechoslovak paratroopers from five different units died in the Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, the main Orthodox church in Prague, on June 18, 1942. It marked the tragic end of Operation Anthropoid, one of the most significant actions of Czechoslovak resistance, whose objective was the assassination of Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich. Although only two men carried out the assassination attempt itself, other paratroopers helped prepare the operation; all these men met their shared fate in the cathedral‘s crypt.
This 100-page comic book follows all participating units of paratroopers from the moment of the jump until their heroic death. It describes the events with precision, aiming to bring this historic moment closer, especially to the young generation of readers.

“One of the most important milestones in the history of Czechoslovakia. A very well crafted graphic novel, clear, concise and,
above all, comprehensible.”
– kosmas