Šárka Ledenová, Hana Prokopcová

Šárka Ledenová (b. 1987) and Hana Prokopcová (b. 1989) are both first-time publishing authors. Both hold an MA from the Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy; Šárka also has a BA in film direction and screenwriting and a BA in the Czech language for the deaf and hard of hearing. Illustrations by Petra Wauldauf Slabá.


The Sweet Scent of Crime in Paris

December 2021, 120 pages

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A detective story told in the truly unusual form

Mr Magnifixter – one rather rotund accountant – sets off for his dream holiday in France, not knowing that he is about to be part of a great crime investigation. On the train there, he meets Mr Armagnac. There’s something odd about this, Mr Armagnac, though… What could it be? Ah! That’s it – he has no nose! Yes, you read that right. One night, when Mr Armagnac was asleep, his unique, delicate nose was stolen, and no wonder: that nose is worth its weight in gold. Mr Armagnac happens to be the best perfumer in France! Mr Magnifixter has always dreamt of becoming a detective, takes up the case and starts after the first lead like a tracker dog. His investigation takes him and Mr Armagnac to all different corners of France, and a heap of funny and thrilling adventures ensues. And best of all – the readers themselves can shape the events! At the end of each chapter, they can decide where to take the story next…