Roman Kulich

Roman Kulich (b. 1980) is an acclaimed Slovak author. An active writer since the age 16, he has published several successful novels in Slovakia – Lady in White being the biggest hit among them.


Lady in White

October 2020, 244 pages

A dramatic story of survival, based on real events

Lady in White is a thriller based on real events. Set in Slovakia, with a cast of strange characters, this is a story so thrilling it will make you forget to breathe at times; and chilling to the bone, even if you read it at the beach.

Miška, a young student, is fighting for her life during the unforgettable 2012 snowstorm with the help of Patrícia, an officer in the Fire and Rescue Department in the nearby town of Žilina, as well as a team of professional and volunteer rescuers. But who is pushing against them? And what about that one-eyed magpie – is it just a pitiful old bird, or a bad omen? Is someone up in the mountains demanding human sacrifices?

“What do I love about this genre? I love to feel scared, and I love mysteries, the inexplicable, the unaccountable, the mystical. The things that can bring colorful new layers to the greyness of life.”

Roman Kulich