Pavla Baštanová, Lucie Šavlíková

Pavla Baštanová (b. 1992) is a graduate in Animation Studies from UMPRUM in Prague and UTB in Zlin. She is an animator, illustrator and artist who works on both commercial and artistic projects: films, spots, graphics and illustrations for books and magazines.

Lucie Šavlíková (b. 1970) has had a long career as an editor, translator and author of children’s books. She was nominated for the 2019 Golden Ribbon Award for her book Black and White Holiday (2018).



October 2020, 48 pages

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Once upon a time, on a tiny island in the middle of an inhospitable land in the far, far north…

Only one family lives on the island: Mom, Dad and their little daughter. Their life is a cycle of mundane rituals and activities. And since there are no other children around, the little girl has to entertain herself. With all of the playfulness and imagination of youth, she finds friends in the surrounding nature, where even tiny events are important.

The colorfully illustrated book was preceded by an animated film of the same name. The inspiration came from a time spent working on a Norwegian island farm. Get to know the mysterious and melancholy island. Let it carry you into a poetic, enchanting world!


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