Pavel Bušta

Pavel Bušta (b. 1991) is a Czech poet, fiction writer and journalist. He has published two books of poetry and his dramatization of a collection of short stories earned him a shortlist nomination for the Evald Schorm Award, an important prize in the world of Czech theater. His second short story collection was nominated for the most prestigious book award in Czechia, the Magnesia Litera, in the prose category. He contributes to, a major Czech literature portal, and serves as vice-chair of the Česká kniha (Czech Book) project, which promotes Czech literature abroad.

David Cajthaml (b. 1959) is a famous Czech musician, stage designer, costume designer, ar- chitect and painter. He studied architecture and scenography with the famous professor Josef Svoboda at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He is truly a renaissance personality par excellence as his activities prac- tically do not recognize any borders.



August 2019, 104 pages

The current world, reflected in a gleam of imagination, comes out strangely twisted.

What might be going on in a human’s brain after something as invasive as a lobotomy? The young Prague-based author’s new prose balances on the line between a modern psychedelic fairy-tale and a dystopian novella. The young narrator, LoboTommy, is a mental asylum resident with a long scar from surgery on his head. His only friends are a peculiar red spider in dark sunglasses, and Darja, a strange girl with a tear duct malfunction that causes her to cry maple syrup, precious pearls and other things. The three friends set out on a short but fantastic journey to freedom and recognition of what is and isn’t real. LoboTommy is beautifully illustrated by the Czech artist David Cajthaml.

“In his descriptions of an alternative reality, Pavel Bušta’s playfulness falls somewhere between Lewis Carroll and Tolkien, and his imagination and LSD-infused humor betrays some Irvine Welsh influence, too.”

“How far in his imagination will an author go in the pursuit of the most unexpected world possible? He will only succeed under one condition: he must be more insane than any particular reader.”


Lobotomik sazba TISK-6-1_oriz
Lobotomik sazba TISK-38-1_oriz
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