Klára Smolíková, Tobiáš Smolík, Vojtěch Šeda

Klára Smolíková is the author of many publications which bring Czech history closer to readers through a combination of narrative, comic sequences and supplementary text panels.

Tobiáš Smolík, a graduate of Hebrew Studies, Ethnology and Social History, focuses on the popularization of Jewish history. He has collaborated on educational programs with the historically rich Jewish community in the town of Třebíč, and is the bandleader of a klezmer group.

Vojtěch Šeda is a graduate of the Department of Illustration and Graphics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He works in illustration and comics, often on various topics from Czech history.


Mordecai Laughed Bahhahah!

Cheerful and amusing journey through Jewish history

September 2020, 124 pages

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 The amazing adventures of a young Jewish boy

Mordecai is not the clockmaker’s dream son. His grades are hardly stellar, and he does more harm than good in his father’s workshop. His parents complain about him to a wise rabbi who has brought a precious wall clock to be repaired: It has started losing time, the rabbi says. But clumsy Mordecai drops the clock, shattering it into a thousand pieces… with the clock, time itself breaks.

In this original adventure, complemented by beautiful double-page illustrations, a young Jewish boy guides the reader through ten centuries of Jewish history in the Czech lands by traversing through everyday life and its changes, holidays and customs, the varieties of human nature and fates… all in a truly fascinating way.


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