Jakub Hussar

Jakub Hussar (b. 1985) is a director, producer and idea-maker. He studied directing and screenwriting at the Miroslav Ondříček Academy in Písek, where he has been teaching since 2009. He co-founded the creative group Trinity Pictures, and ARK8, a gaming studio which produced an online card game set in the Coraab universe. In 2018, Hussar started HAZE, an innovative advertising agency where he works as the creative director. His literary opus magnum 0 TU is the result of twenty years spent creating the Tals-Coraab mythos, and six years of work on the book itself.


0 TU

April 2021, 384 pages

Available material: English sample

The most ambitious Czech sci-fi title of the last decade

0 TU is a chronicle of the culture of the Tals, their rough voyage to the remote landfill called Coraab, and their subsequent colonization of the region.

The remote landfill has always stimulated the imagination of travelers and adventurers. To fully appreciate its complexity, we must start at the very beginning of its era. And that’s where Jakub Hussar’s historical sci-fi epic 0 TU (pronounced “oh two”) takes us.

The two-part novel 0 TU is no classic space opera-type science fiction. Much more reminiscent of serious historical fiction of the Mika Waltari type, it also boasts an attractive feature – an original soundtrack accessible via QR codes at the beginning of each chapter

“It’s the year 4322. Sex with robots doesn’t turn anyone on anymore.”