Mycelium V. : Voices and the Stars

November 2016, 488 pages

Available material: English sample

Mycelium presents readers with an “interplanetary and inter-civilisational thriller” also accessible to those who are not sci-fi enthusiasts.

What emerged from space will soon cut off all the Ships; and then the Argenite homeland will be unknown and unknownable. A handful of humans have one last chance to visit it. Lucas comes to realize that Fomalhiwav is the place where the ancient plans of both Gerdians and Össeans intersect. Isn’t that a good enough reason to avoid it? Lucas was always sceptical about anything that promises nirvana, wealth or any other utopia. He can hear what Ash~shaad of Fomalhiwav talks about — and what he is silent about. And his suspicion grows stronger. If Fomalhiwav is paradise in space… why did Ash~shaad leave? But it is not just human words what he hears: there is also räwë – the Voices and the Stars, the durh of enlightenment, the last of the Quintet of Össean fungi. And he has to make one last and final decision –- how big a part of his not-quite-human soul can he sacrifice to madness.