Mycelium IV. : The Sight

November 2014, 424 pages

Available material: English sample

Mycelium presents readers with an “interplanetary and inter-civilisational thriller” also accessible to those who are not sci-fi enthusiasts.

When one of the Össean Ships emerges dead from the R-A space, the Össeans perform the funeral rites, leaving the humans aghast. Those left behind in the Ship are to be sacrificed. The Össean ceremony requires blood and it’s hard to persuade them otherwise. Lucas Hildebrandt ignores the rescue attempts. He is but a shadow of his former self, burnt out, bereft of will, addicted to Össean drugs. He doesn’t expect anything from himself. But he can still discern what is important. He notices the effects of yantrün – The Sight, the fourth element of the Quintet. To Lucas the death of the Ship is a sign of important changes to come. He asks the right questions – what he avoids are the answers.