Mycelium III. : Fall into Darkness

May 2014, 424 pages

Available material: English sample

Mycelium presents readers with an “interplanetary and inter-civilisational thriller” also accessible to those who are not sci-fi enthusiasts.

The Gerdian Secret Service is focused on one man: the one chosen by the Ships. Intrigue and stealthy interplanetary operations are hidden, but all that was buried and never spoken about. Now the secret past between Össe and Gerda suddenly comes to light: all the wrongs, violence, heroism and silence. Two worlds that lived in mutual hatred for ages fight the last battle for the key to the Ships; at the same time Lucas Hildebrandt is fighting for his own mind — for sanity, dignity, humanity. Ökrë, the Third sacred drug can save him or destroy him; but, regardless, it will burn away everything that was. The past is over. The man with the dark Gerdian soul, character and roots faces only an abyss – and the compulsion to fall into darkness.