Mycelium II.: Ice under the Skin

November 2013, 332 pages

Available material: English sample

Mycelium presents readers with an “interplanetary and inter-civilisational thriller” also accessible to those who are not sci-fi enthusiasts.

Long has They waited and now Their time has come. The shared consciousness of the Ships turns to the Well of Planetary Silence, to Ash~shaad of Fomalhiwav and Lucas Hildebrant, and chooses Their victim. The Össean woman Kamëlë can feel Their intent and desperately tries to stop the inevitable. But when the infighting within the Össean Church starts in earnest, Kamëlë is entangled in larger plans. She does all she can to avoid the church’s executioner, the high priests’ tricks and her own past. Lucas Hildebrandt must not recognize her and the others must not kill her — and the Fomalhiwavian cannot be trusted. Kamëlë can feel an ulterior motive behind the media image of their mighty hero and savior. Laëgühr, Ice under the Skin, will focus her mind’s eye. What is the secret of Ash~shaad of Fomalhiwav? Is it something to do with the Ships? What is between him — and Them?!