Mycelium I.: The Opening

June 2013, 324 pages

Available material: English sample

Mycelium presents readers with an “interplanetary and inter-civilisational thriller” also accessible to those who are not sci-fi enthusiasts.

Lucas Hildebrandt knows the Össean culture too closely for his own liking: he literally has his own skin in the game. Since his childhood he took gömershaül – The Opening, a drug that makes holes in your mind. He sees the Össean danger to Earth and seizes an opportunity to permanently tilt the balance of power. He aims to bring a stranger to Earth — Ash~shaad from Fomalhiwav, a human endowed with psychic abilities — and to open the door to the forces that could be a counterweight for the Össean power. Lucas can go past the official procedures; however the secret paths are dangerous. Soon he finds he is not alone in thinking that Fomalhiwav is important. He attracts the attention of something worse than Earthly bureaucrats and mediants; he crosses paths with the ones he wanted to avoid most…