Veronika Jonášová

Veronika Jonášová (b. 1982) is a journalist. She studied Journalism and Media Studies at Charles University in Prague and Sciences Po in Paris. She worked for ten years as a TV reporter and presenter. She is currently a freelance writer for Czech media and film documentaries for Czech Television. In 2019, she moved to Berlin for the second time in her life. In addition, she has written two books about the city:  The Story of Berlin and  The Wall Between Us.



October 2022, 264 pages

Available material: English sample

The reality of the infamous internment camp in the eyes of a young journalist

Anastázie is a young journalist who is far from happy. Her boyfriend just left her, and she has been humiliated at work. She needs to figure herself out, so she decides to visit her grandmother in the city of Olomouc. Unfortunately, she knows little about her journey into a past much more distant than her childhood. She discovers how important it is to find her roots if she wants to stand on solid ground.

The novel takes inspiration from the fate of Heda Müller, the author’s German great-great-grandmother, whose family spent May of 1945 in the horrific, infamous internment camp for Germans in Nové Hodolany nicknamed Hodolany Hell.

The story, which gradually unfolds before the astonished eyes of Anastázie, previously unaware of this reality, is interspersed with contemporary documents: the memories of displaced Germans from Olomouc, the experiences of those interned, and the stories of the author’s grandmother. This reality is an inseparable part of our history, and we must remember it.