Tomáš Peřina

Although Tomáš Peřina‚s (*1980, Prague) surname might seem to predestine him for love poetry, he has chosen the path of horror. What he has in common with the monsters he writes about is that they rarely appear and he prefers a quiet life.

František Skála (*1956) is a Czech sculptor, painter, graphic artist, children’s book illustrator, musician and dancer. He studied woodcarving at the School of Applied Arts in Prague (1971-1975) and television and film graphics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1976-1982). In total, he has illustrated over twenty books, many of which have won prestigious awards.


Something hiding in there

May 2023, 76 pages

by Tomáš Peřina (text), František Skála (illustrations)

Horror poetry for children and adults in the style of Tim Burton and Jon Kenn Mortensen

This book looks strange at first glance, and there’s something hidden in it… Although it’s intended for children, it has a chance of becoming a must-read for the whole family, because Tomáš Peřina’s imagination has been enhanced by the famous artist František Skála – it’s a bolt from the blue! You may never have read such funny children’s poetry before, and you certainly won’t read it again for a long time – poetic horror stories full of puns and unexpected points, accompanied by numerous scary illustrations.

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