Sofija Kordić

Sofija Kordić is a journalist and writer from Croatia living in Prague. She graduated from the University of Belgrade, International relations, and received an MA degree in European Studies at the Central European University in Prague. She spent one year at the Utrecht and Denmark School of journalism. She worked for the Radio Free Europe, in the South Slavic Languages Services department, as a broadcaster/editor, and currently writes from Prague for the several news portals and media in Croatia and Serbia. She has recently published a second book in Croatian, a collection of short stories, Priče o neskladu (Jesenski i Turk, Zagreb 2021) which has received wide acclaim and media coverage in Croatia.




June 2018, 240 pages

Available material: English sample

Nestling (originally written in Croatian, published in Serbia in 2018) is not only a testimony of the upheavals in Europe in the late 20th century, set against the backdrop of war and exile, spanning from 1990 to the present day, from Croatia and Serbia through Denmark and Holland to Prague but also a personal journey of partnership, struggle with infertility and the long road to motherhood.

Mia is a journalist, a Serb from Croatia married to a Croat. Choosing sides would make them enemies. They choose escape and emigration. Mia’s journey into exile is accompanied by the letters she exchanges with her three girlfriends living in Tel Aviv, London, and Croatia & Serbia.  The drama of their ordinary lives in anything but ordinary times becomes a testimony of our age.

Nestling is a testimony against oblivion and indifference, a story about turbulent destinies and identities, about people divided between new realities and their beliefs and principles. How can people living in the same city, same street, even in the same family become mortal enemies?  Young people leave war torn countries for an uncertain life in emigration, attempting to assimilate and recover a lost sense of peace and meaning.

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