Šimon Koudela

Šimon Koudela (*1974) is a FAMU graduate and filmmaker specialising in special effects and screenwriting. He has made several documentaries for Czech Television and FEBIO, and his films are regularly screened in competition categories at international festivals. He is currently working on a feature film called Fichtelberg, based on his own screenplay of the same name. The novel I Am Nowhere. Fighting through the Streets of the Unconscious is his literary debut.


I Am Nowhere

August 2023, 298 pages

Marta receives a threatening notice ordering her to collect her belongings from a storage facility in Prague. But she has no belongings and has not been in Prague for a quarter of a century. At the same time, her marriage, solemnised in Austria, has fallen apart, so she decides to find out what is behind the strange threat.

In her quest, Marta knows she may run into her daughter Judi, whom she hasn’t seen in years. But she soon begins to wish she’d never made the journey. Strange and dangerous things begin to happen to her. She is involved in a serious car accident, loses her way in places she has known since childhood, gets trapped in an underground dungeon and almost loses her life… When Marta accidentally hurts a black dog, the beloved companion of a semi-autistic girl called Vera, her life takes a completely different turn. Gradually, Marta discovers that she is a pawn in the plan of a mysterious figure who subtly leads her against the stream of consciousness, forcing her to descend deeper and deeper into the depths of her forgotten inner landscape.