March 2014, 172 pages

Available material: Polish translation, Spanish translation

Foreign editions:  Hungary (Metropolis), Poland (Afera), Spain (Baltica editorial)

A personal story that forges through the taboos of past literature

In the monologue of an author who found success writing second-rate literature despite her initial ambitions, we move from one poignant plot to another, through the break-up of her marriage, her love-hate relations with her dependent adult children and her reflections on her own work.

Here, the real borders on the imaginary, and only gradually through the rich confusion of images do we pick up the threads of cause-and-effect, optimistic life and alcoholic excess. The subjects dealt with here are not exactly avoided in everyday life. But rarely will anyone handle them with such remorseless honesty, with such disregard for convention and such stunning use of language.

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made by Petra Hůlová

The Gorge is proof that Petra Hůlová’s talent goes hand in hand with inventiveness, diligence and discipline.”

MF Dnes

“The best book [Petra Hůlová] has written so far.”