Petr Kylián

Petr Kylián (*1981) was born, raised and educated in the city of Pardubice. In order to earn enough money to travel, he tried his hand at various jobs – he was a lightning rod fitter, a roofer, a cleaner in a sanatorium for the elderly and mentally ill, a fisherman, a tourist guide, a marketing manager and a sales representative. United Losers is his first novel.


United Losers

June 2023, 160 pages

A novel by men, about men, for men

In the Czech Republic, it’s common knowledge that humour makes everything better. Even when you wake up one day and realise that your young and foolish heart has let you get carried away by the intensity of the moment and suddenly you’re turning forty. But with a beer in your hand, a tap behind your back and some friends by your side, nothing is as bad as it seems – not even life. This much is clear to a group of friends who want nothing more than to fall in love, get drunk, make money, get rid of their families for the weekend, insult each other as much as they can and, above all, survive.

This fast-paced novel unflinchingly chronicles the petty, tragicomic stories of a cast of unforgettable characters. The group’s hopscotch routine is shaken up by a visit from a rich friend who has found success in the United States. Each weekday is filled with fresh dialogue over stale beer, cynical jokes that will make you cry, friendship and hypocrisy, and the desperate and vital hope that there is more to life.