urbo kune

Urbo Kune

October 2015, 372 pages

Available material: English sample

A sci-fi take on the dark and atmospheric detective novels Miloš Urban is known for. In this book antiquarian Mikuláš Jelen, leaves his rare book shop in Prague for a library job in Urbo Kune, a hypermodern experimental city near the capital. Urbo Kune is in a fact one large house, but also a factory, an administrative and cultural center, a marijuana farm, and much more, thanks to its unique “slot machine construction,” designed by the architectural genius Mr. Kun. But soon Mikuláš discovers that there is something going on in the city, something secret and very odd. People start to appear, coming out of nowhere, from a different time which seems to be neither the past nor the future – well, it is the present, but the present in a “slot” parallel to our own universe.


“Although Urbo Kune is a sci-fi novel, it very clearly reflects the present day, and includes such pressing themes as mass migration and the influence of the internet on culture […] It is a novel filled with imagination, word play and anagrams, but also a variety of facts.”

— VašeLiteratura

“There is no shortage of Urban’s characteristic mystery in Urbo Kune.”

— Blesk