lord mord

Lord Mord

October 2008, 361 pages

Available material: English sample

Foreign editions: Germany (Rowohl Verlag), United Kingdom (Peter Owen Publishers), Croatia (Ljevak), Poland (Ksiazkowe Klimaty), Spain (Ediciones B)

Prague at the end of the nineteenth century. Bohemia is part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and there is social and political unrest in town between patriotic Czechs, who are agitating and striving for independence, and the German speaking population which holds the power — and in between them: the Jews. There are riots in the street, martial law is proclaimed and the Austrian secret police infiltrates the Czech reform movement. On top of all that, the entire centre of Prague has to undergo radical redevelopment that will lead to the complete destruction of the so-called Jewish quarter, and new Parisian-style boulevards and lavish buildings can take its place . Count Karel Adam is caught up in these machinations, as machines demolish houses and there is turmoil in the streets. He finds himself involved in the political intrigue, as well as a series of murders in the old part of town. A gripping novel about brothels, drugs, murders and politics, with clear links to the modern day.