Lucie Vaňková

Lucie Vaňková studied Journalism at Charles University, and Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy at FAMU. She has worked as a cleaner and teahouse attendant as well as a creative mind in a digital agency. Currently, she makes a living writing scripts for non-commercial films and commercial TV shows, such as Ulice (The Street), Hasičárna Telecí (The Telecí Fire Station), and Dáma a král (The Lady and the King). She was born and raised in Prague, so she knows nothing about the real world. She has two cats and a small horse. She is married and has a son named Antonín.


The Wanderings of a Dead Fish

August 2022, 312 pages

A surreal novel filled with humor and references to Milan Kundera

Ishtvan Sturgeon was born one September afternoon on Tram Number Seventeen from a badly edited newspaper article – his father is a blatant lie and his mother lousy journalism. All he has is a lucky fish scale and proof that he is the intellectual progeny of one Methodius H., who claims this is all some sort of a mistake. Ishtvan must quickly learn how to navigate the hectic postmodern world, while figuring out where he came from and who he is.

Convinced that he is the only one of his kind, he finds a spark of hope when he reads Kundera’s Immortality and learns about the character of Agnes, born from the single gesture of an elderly lady by a pool. Ishtvan knows he must find Agnes.

But what if not even she can answer his questions?

And why, when looking in the mirror, can’t Ishtvan shake the impression that he looks like a slightly different person every morning?