Kateřina Kang

Kateřina Kang was born in Prague in 1994. She studied Korean Studies at Charles University. In 2016, she visited South Korea for the first time as part of an inter-university exchange, where she met her future husband. In the following years she returned to Korea several times. In 2019, she started sharing her experiences from South Korea on Instagram as @jina_tvori and now has nearly twenty-five thousand followers. She is currently trying to balance motherhood and creative work.


Kateřina in Kimchi Land

May 2023, 192 pages

A collection of pictures and short comics about the peculiarities of life in South Korea through a Czech’s eyes

What do you think of when someone mentions South Korea? For most people it is K-pop or kimchi. But did you know that there are rules for landing in South Korea? Do you know how many kinds of soy sauce there are, or why Koreans go to the beach fully clothed? And why is everyone either a Kim, Park or Lee? Kateřina in Kimchi Land is a collection of pictures and comic-strip vignettes about the curiosities of life in South Korea through the eyes of a Czech woman who had the opportunity to spend several years in this fascinating country with her Korean family. Through simple drawings, she introduces the reader to Korean society, education and, among other things, the joys and sorrows of life with a Korean husband.