Kateřina Blažková, Nanako Ishida

In her new book, Kateřina Blažková (b. 1973) has found an original way of blending fantasy with a real story about the need for friendship, human connection, and motherly love. The author’s other published works include a remarkable sci-fi trilogy for children. Thyme from Oxara is a gorgeous book, beautifully illustrated by the

Japanese artist Nanako Ishida (b. 1979, Tokyo), who depicted successfully the personalities of characters and the atmosphere of the world dominated by darkness but cutting off its anxiety by love and friendship. Ishida has worked with many excellent modern children’s literature writers, in Czechia and other countries (Jiří Wolker, Dylan Thomas, Guus Kuijer, Jostein Gaarder etc.).


Thyme from Oxara

November 2019, 256 pages

Can an ordinary girl save a whole fantasy world?

Everything is possible – as Justine will soon find out for herself. One evening, a boy whose name smells of thyme appears in her room to ask for her help. What happens next is a real roller-coaster. They dive straight into a submarine world created by an author named Nutcracker; the writer died before finishing his book, however, and the literary world was overcome by chaos, and evil started to spread through it. And Justine is the one to fix it. She must finish the story and give it structure. Before that can happen, she and Thyme are in for difficult challenges. They will walk enchanted paths, meet a talking map and other fantastic creatures, they’ll climb the Hill of Hours, join a battle and find themselves in the fields of the Timekeepers.


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