Jaromír Typlt

Jaromír Typlt (b. 1973) is a poet, performer, essayist, and art theorist specializing in art brut. In the 1990s his poetry was influenced by a surrealist understanding of the imagination. More recently he has increasingly moved beyond the field of literature towards live performance, music, and the visual arts. In a Long While is definitely one of the most remarkable poems written in Czech in recent years.

za dlouho

In a Long While

October 2016, 48 pages

Available material: English sample

Rights sold: Germany (Hochroth)

One of the most distinctive authors of the young generation. The most epic of Typlt’s texts.

The situations and words in Jaromír Typlt’s collection are vague, threatening and seemingly void. The poetry collection Za dlouho (In a Long While) is self-deprecating and self-observing, informed by the author’s journey though experiments with words, sounds and images, which Typlt has undertaken since the 1990s. Perhaps the most personal of the author’s oeuvre, particularly economical with words and style in contrast to his previous work, but both styles allow him to make experimental discoveries. The poet focuses primarily on imagery, which is of decisive importance for him. He keeps an eye on himself as he designs structures, while allowing us into his game, where he lets us assume the roles of witnesses to the birth, struggle and dissolution of stories and worlds. In his texts he searches, but never gropes along: he always knows where he wants to get to, but he does not yet know by what means he will manage to do so. His texts continually wander, relocate and reconstruct. Typlt’s poetry is not motionless; it attempts to be something agile within the written word, i.e. within something permanently fixed.

“Typlt the creator becomes a tempter, player and recorder. I know no other contemporary writer who would so obsessively, and on so many levels, tempt emptiness without getting enmeshed in existentialist clichés.”


 “Jaromír Typlt resolutely refuses the writer’s turn toward society. Creation for him is a personal experience, issuing primarily from the borderline region between dreaming and waking, and consequently fought-out between intuition and rational choice.”

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