Barbora Majchráková

Barbora Majchráková (b. 1985) is an alumna of Charles University’s Faculty of Law in Prague and practices law and quality management. She lives in a small town in South Bohemia and has been honing her writing skills since childhood. Her latest manuscript, Little Castle, is about fixing a small castle on the verge of ruin and not giving up even when the situation seems hopeless. In this piece of writing, three completely different characters gradually come together to save the dilapidated castle.


Little Castle

June 2022, 340 pages

A humorous novel that encourages women pursue their dreams

Would you give up your job? Money? Housing? A promising relationship with a bottle of wine? How far would you go?

The heroine does all of the above and much more to achieve her fantasy of owning a castle. With a pastry shop inside! Doesn’t it sound romantic? The only problem is that the castle—unlike those in romance novels—has a leaky roof, bulging walls, and no windows. Melusine walks its hallways from time to time. Moreover, the tower looks like it is about to collapse. To make her dream come true, the heroine has one tiny, little thing left to do—fix the castle!