Veronika Valentová

Veronika Valentová (born in 1974 in Prague) studied French at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts and currently works in Brussels as a translator for the European Economic and Social Committee. She also writes books: she has published three novels to date. Aside from that, she doubles as a songwriter, writing lyrics in French for Belgian chansonnier Yves Fourneau.


The Mušlovka Meteorite

October 2022, 208 pages

Available material: English sample

An adventurous, thrilling, and dangerous journey into the mystery of a meteorite

Do you know where to find Prague’s Mušlovka quarry? Because that is where Tom, Matouš and Bětka are searching for fossils. Now, if they found a dinosaur bone, that would be a discovery for the books! What they do end up finding is miles away from a prehistoric skeleton: a strange black egg-shaped rock that made its way to the quarry from a distant part of the universe. What follows leaves the three friends astounded: anyone who carries the rock suddenly becomes incredibly lucky. No more waiting for the bus or the tram, they always come right on cue. No more bad grades – with the stone, the children are able to solve even the most complicated math problems. But everything comes at a price. Whoever possesses the stone loses all their physical strength and becomes paranoid, suspecting everyone of wanting to steal the miraculous meteorite.