Ben Aaronovitch, Chaim Cigan, Emil Hakl, Michal Hvorecký, Vilma Kadlečková, Pavel Kosatík, Jaroslav Mostecký, Ondřej Neff, Julie Nováková, František Novotný, Jiří W. Procházka, Robert Silverberg, Petr Stančík, Jaroslav Veis

Richard Klíčník , Jaroslav Olša jr. (editors)

October 2020, 400 pages

A representative anthology published at the 100th anniversary of Karel and Josef Čapek’s invention of the word ‘robot’

A collection of short stories created for the 100th anniversary of the word ‘robot’, which was Karel and Josef Čapek’s contribution to the world’s vocabulary: this year marks a full century since the word first appeared in print. This is no doubt a reason to celebrate: ‘robot’ is a word from the future which has become our now. What does the Čapek legacy look like now? How does his artificial human resonate with today’s writers? The collection contains stories by the best contemporary Czech sci-fi writers with international contributions by the Slovak Michal Hvorecký and the current number one author of urban fantasy Ben Aaronovitch, and an afterword by Robert Silverberg. The ROBOT100 project is the first Czech sci-fi/fantasy anthology containing an original story by a global star of comparable stature.