Barbora Klárová

Barbora Klárová has loved making things up since she was a child. As soon as she learned to write, she started putting the products of her imagination on paper. In 2003, she won an English-language essay contest (organised by SPUSA – the Society of Friends of the USA) with her short story „When No One Was Looking“. She then began writing reports, reviews and interviews for magazines, and later scripts for Czech television programmes. She co-authored the successful children’s book Překlep a Škraloup (winner of the Magnesia Litera and Zlatá stuha awards), and in 2020 Czech Radio broadcast her children’s stories The Extraordinary Stories of an Engineer as part of the legendary Hajajaja series, which was published in book form a year later. She is also a professional musician and presenter.


Tricky Body

by Barbora Klárová, Kristýna Plíhalová (ill), Martina Kupsová (design)

November 2022, 136 pages

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How the body works, how to look after it and how to use it right

What is the one thing that every human being has? A body. During childhood and adolescence we learn how the body works, how to take care of it and how to use it properly. But what if the body stubbornly decides to behave strangely? What if it does what it thinks is best, regardless of the will of its „owner“? Little Pěva begins to notice just that, and as if that weren’t enough, the annoying and cunning fairy Mžitka seems to appear whenever it happens. The story is partly a fairy tale, but it is full of useful advice.

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