Tereza Cz Dvořáková and the team

Tereza Cz Dvořáková (b. 1977) graduated from the Film Academy in Prague, she is also a film educator. Argo has published her successful book How Cinema Was Born (2017).

Nikkarin (b. 1987) is one of the most renowned contemporary Czech comic artists and illustrators.

Ondřej Beránek (b. 1979) is a Czech film producer, co-founder of the Memory of Nations Award and co-author of the interactive Karel Zeman Museum exposition.


How a Film is Made

by Tereza Cz Dvořáková, Nikkarin, Ondřej Beránek

November 2019, 80 pages

A trip into the filmmaking process for curious early and advanced readers.

Everybody knows what a film is. But few can actually imagine how many people and how much time it takes to make a feature film and present it to the audience. Who or what is a Foley, why do screenplays always come in so many different versions – and what exactly does a continuity supervisor do? Which tricks are nowadays done on camera and which ones on the computer? Why do films need their own architects? Who hides under the mysterious term cameo? What do location scouts and Boy Scouts have in common? And what exactly does a film festival do for filmmakers and their films? The publication is a loose sequel to the bestselling How Cinema Was Born (Argo, 2017). It is richly illustrated by Nikkarin and contains an experimental section that shows young readers how to make and distribute a real film at home.

The book represents a handy and entertaining way in comic form to show the computer generation that the history of movies does not begin with YouTube.


03 Kdo je filmový producent
11 Než padne první klapka
22 Proč se filmy posílají na festivaly

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